About Formik

Formik is a group of Vienna based artists, architects and designers, founded in late 2007.

Alex Diem born in 1977 in Feldkirch Austria, studied Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and graduated 2006 in the Studio Greg Lynn. From 1999 to 2006 he has developed many art projects as a member of k[raft. Since 2006 working as a Design Architect in Vienna.

Lilith Matthews, born 1981 in Vienna Austria, graduated 2007 in Fine Arts specialisation on ceramics at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Since 2007 self-employed as Designer and Procucer of ceramic products.

Bernd Kilga, born 1976 in Feldkirch Austria, studied drama at the University of Vienna. Self-employed since 1999, owner-manager of Phalanx GmbH since 2001. Participated in numerous open-source projects and computer art enthusiast groups.


Darwin's Bracelet Presskit
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