Embracing Darwin's Bracelet

A piece of jewelry that reminds us, on the one hand, of a rather plausible theory regarding our origin, and on the other hand, of the unwritten future. The skulls are part of the evolutionary chain but not all links have been revealed yet. The future is open!

We created a symbol against creationistic views. The bearer of the chain positions him- / herself against these mostly absurd theories. Blind faith in dogma ends all conversation. We try hard to keep the discussion going.

But what's the next link in the chain, what will the Homo superior look like? Maybe it can be answered by advanced genetic research and probability calculations, but the complexity of evolution shows that if conditions change there's going to be a re-shuffle. It's hard to predict something as big as the future of our very own system. We don't know what comes next, but we like to ponder about it.

About the product

Darwin's Bracelet has been inspired by parts of the human / hominina evolution: Australopithecus, Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo neanderthalensis and Homo sapiens. The skulls are handmade from porcelain and metal. Silver & Gold plating is available on request.

Skulls Bracelets Availability
Porcelain Silver 6-8 weeks
Silver Silver on request
Gold Gold on request
Skulls Necklaces Availability
Porcelain Silver 6-8 weeks, on request
Silver Silver on request
Gold Gold on request

For pricing and order information of 'on request' items, please contact us.


Darwin's Bracelet Presskit
2009-01-30, zipped RGB JPEGs, 11.3mb